Party Wall / Townhome Management Services

Green Peak Management offers services to manage the water, sewer, landscaping, and snow removal bills for townhome developments that do not have an HOA and instead operate through a party wall agreement.

In these types of developments, the water bill needs to be split between the townhome owners of the development. Every month Denver Water will send one bill for the whole development, and unfortunately it is not divided per townhome.

Many home owners of this property type prefer to hire a third party management company, like Green Peak Management, to manage the water billing, as well as the snow removal and landscape maintenance for the development.

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Water Billing

Green Peak Management will monitor the water sub-meters for each town home in the development and bill back each resident their portion of the bill every month. Green Peak Management will collect funds from all of the townhome owners and remit payment to Denver Water monthly.

Landscaping and Snow Removal

Green Peak Management will contract with third-party vendors to perform landscaping and snow removal services for the development. These vendors will provide landscape maintenance, which includes mowing and edging grass, removing weeds, and trimming existing foliage. The snow removal vendor will remove the snow from the sidewalks, walkways, and driveways when there is at least 1 inch of snow or more. These services will be split evenly between each townhome and will be included in your bill.


Each home owner will be emailed an invoice every month listing the water, landscaping, and snow removal charges for their townhome. All payments can be made online at or by check, mailed to our office. Each owner will have the option to pay with credit card online, and also have it automatically deducted every month. For the services listed above, Green Peak Management will charge $15 - $25/mo per townhome, which will be listed in the monthly invoice.

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